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P.Stubert Sibi MFA MPhil (Drawing and painting)
CEO and Founder

stubert works as a specialist instructor in the field of visual art and design education. He has extensive experience in animation production for online education. As a researcher, stubert is interested in the connection between art and education. His Master of Arts research focused on child art and art education. 

S.Dinesh Vivek MFA (Textile design)
Art Educator 

Dinesh is a Designer, Educator and Artist and continues to work on projects and in contexts that synthesis his experience and inspiration as a creative practitioner. In education he has have Master of Fine arts in Textile design. He is working as an Art and design instructor in Ministry of education Republic of Maldives where Cambridge University syllabus follows.

B.K.Hemina Singh MA (History of Fine Art)
Art Historian 

Hemina is a visualizer and art historian. She post graduated at Stella Maries College Chennai and Se has skilled in photography and graphic design. Having worked in the Illustration, Animation and Graphic Design industry for over 4 years, Hemina has worked for small and large organizations such as Ana Books, and many other kids’ publications around India.

T.Moniha Raj MA BEd(English Literature)
Language Educator

Moniha is an enthusiastic and dedicated language educator who has recently graduated with a Master Degree majoring in English literature. Moniha has a background in Education and she believes that every student has the potential to bring something unique to the world. She commits to create her books through her teaching experiences that would help them develop into capable and confident students.

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